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Shin Pad Flekick Pro

49.95 €

Flekick is a flexible and lightweight shin pad, adaptable to any leg. It allows total protection characterized by lightness (32gr), and its comfort. You can also customize it with the name and number/shield you want.

You must indicate the name and number or shield you want in each shin pad along with the colors of your team.

Socks Flekick Compress of gift.


Name (Left) *

Number or Shield (Left) *

Name (Right) *

Number or Shield (Right) *

Colours of your team *

Indicate the two colours of your team. (Example: Red-Black)

Size *

Colour Socks *

Compression Socks *



Álvaro Vázquez

Álvaro Vázquez

Real Zaragoza

"I love the design of the shin guards. What I like most about it is its comfort, lightness and that it holds my leg perfectly"
Marta Unzue

Marta Unzue

Athletic de Bilbao

"It feels like you are not wearing anything, I love its flexibility and comfort"
Jordi Sanchez

Jordi Sanchez

CD Numancia

"What I like most about Flekick shin guards is their comfort, they fit perfectly to my leg and I have the feeling of playing without them"
Sergi Pastells

Sergi Pastells

CE Sabadell

"Comfort and even protection I never tried shinguards like the Flekick, you do not feel like you're wearing them"
Xavi Civil

Xavi Civil

Terrassa FC

"The best shin guards I've ever worn, it's like playing with nothing, I can also customize them. Revolution 100%"

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