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Who are they aimed at?

For players of any category and age of soocer and futsal.

How can I customize them?

Flekick puts no limit to customization. We let the player imagine his ideal shin guard, so you can include a name, a number, a phrase, an image and the shield of your favorite team.

Can I see how my design will look before they make it?

Yes. The client facilitates the elements that he wishes to integrate in the shin guards (photos, colors, name and number) and Flekick generates a design proposal. This proposal is modified with the client until it approves the design. The shin guards are only sent to production after the customer has approved the design.

What is the durability of shin pads?

Flekick uses cutting-edge technologies in the manufacture of its shin guards, in this way we guarantee that the shin guards have a very high durability if they are used as a protection element in soccer practice.

What is the durability of the shin guard design?

The design is stamped using a printing technique that guarantees its durability over time.

How should I take care of them?

The maintenance instructions are detailed on the shin pads product page, but basically they must be washed by hand with cold water and detergent, so they can be soaked if there is a lot of dirt. Subsequently they should be dried at room temperature.

How do I get compression stockings?

Flekick compression stockings come as a gift with your shin guards. However, if you want loose compression stockings you can buy them on the products page.

Where are they made?

In Flekick we want to offer a product of proximity, for that reason, all the design and production is developed in a local area.

What material is the shin guard made of?

The shin guard is composed of the fusion of three materials that are characterized by their high degree of protection, impact resistance, flexibility, lightness, adaptability and breathability.

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